Corporate Sustainability

We believe that what sustains us as a company is what sustains us as an economy, a people and a planet.

This is why sustainability is an integral part of how we operate our business.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

The transportation sector holds the key to one of the largest greenhouse gas emissions reduction opportunities in the world. We understand the importance of helping fleets drive smarter and cleaner. We also understand that our business is intricately connected to jobs, economies and the natural environment – and that is why ARI’s business strategy takes a long-term view and invests heavily in the future.

The Idea

Our strategy is simple: enable our customers to drive smarter, cleaner vehicle fleets, while acting as stewards of the environment and champions of employee and community development. Through implementation of strategic approaches to sustainability, we are learning and doing more to increase the wellbeing of our people and the environment across the globe.

The foundation of our sustainability approach is as follows:

  • Offering ARI SustainableWorks™, a consulting service designed to help our clients support and maintain smarter, cleaner, more sustainable vehicle fleets through advanced data analytics and strategic planning.
  • The institution of a corporate sustainability management system designed to track and advance ARI’s ability to drive cleaner, smarter fleet solutions for our customers, enhance the environmental performance of our operations, and promote the well-being of our people.

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