Partners In Excellence®
Partners In Excellence®

Fleet management presents steep challenges: rising interest rates, fleet vehicle availability, the rising cost of fuel, regulations and compliance—just to name a few. You need a fleet company that will keep your vehicles on the road, drive costs down and answer the phone whenever you call. Partners In Excellence® (PIE) is ARI’s quality assurance program, which is composed of three core elements designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Client Relationship Monitoring

To give you our very best, we monitor our client relationships to quickly identify and solve any fleet management issues.

Performance Management

Your goals are our goals. From our 50 PIE goal checkpoints, we create a list specifically designed for your company to increase cost savings, efficiency and productivity.

Employee Rewards

  • Year-end performance bonus;
  • Partner of the Month and Partner of the Year awards;
  • Partner of the Year Induction into ARI’s esteemed Circle of Excellence.

Combined, these strategies produce the highest quality standard in the fleet management industry and powerful results for our customers.


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