Compliance has moved to the top of management's priority list; a dramatic shift forced by heightened safety consciousness, the environment, corporate ethics and privacy.

Fleet managers must navigate a new wave of complex laws, industry specifications, and internal policies and standards. Failure to meet requirements has serious repercussions, often exposing owners to consequences that include criminal prosecution, civil litigation and loss of business.

ARI has the knowledge base, depth of experience and resources to keep fleets operating in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations, industry specifications, standards and practices, third-party manufacturer warranties and disclaimers, corporate policies and performance standards.


Our licensing services fit every known scenario for every fleet size and level of complexity, in any business or industry, anywhere in the world.

We keep drivers and vehicles on the road and we do it with solutions customized to fit each fleet. Strict compliance with licensing regulations reduces our customers’ exposure to risk, prevents downtime and generates long-term fleet savings.

All work is done in-house at ARI – with many of our team accredited as motor vehicle agents by various states. We distribute plates and registrations directly to our clients in order to avoid fines, missed filings, and unnecessary fees.

Violations and Tolls

For many fleet managers, tracking drivers who owe money for unpaid vehicle toll, parking and moving violations is still a very manual process. 

The ARI Violations Program makes the process more efficient, reduces the fleet manager’s administrative burden and increases the likelihood of quick driver payment. 
The violations tracking system available through the ARI insights® web-based fleet management system allows managers to easily monitor and collect reimbursements from drivers that have received violations.

Toll violations account for about 75 percent of all violation costs. The ARI Toll Management Program will eliminate these violations altogether and streamline administration for clients.

Personal Use Reporting

Staying on top of drivers to ensure their personal mileage entries are up-to-date and accurate can be a time consuming task. 

At ARI, our web-based Personal Mileage Reporting program automates and streamlines manual processes and ensures drivers are helping your company meet IRS regulations. Our program offers the flexibility of a customized, innovative solution with sophisticated tracking and reporting tools. 

We also work with telematics providers to capture and identify business and personal miles using OBD device s for GPS and data transport or other advanced solutions.

Tax Services

ARI offers a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals in our Tax Department. Our department staff can complete forms and make timely, accurate payments for heavy highway vehicle use tax and personal property taxes that are due outside the registration process. Our team of seasoned tax specialists can take this entire time-consuming and troublesome burden off your shoulders. This avoids a potentially costly shutdown and any potential late payment fees.

Fleet Emissions

There are solid reasons for sustainability: fuel savings, dedication to valued customers, social responsibility, and compliance— just to name a few.

ARI offers the widest range of compliance consulting services available from any industry source. Our SustainableWorks™ consulting services will help you identify ways to improve your carbon footprint by reducing fuel consumption, integrating alternative fuels, modifying driver behavior, measuring emissions and verifying regulatory compliance—all while keeping a close eye on your total cost of ownership.

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