Through more than 60 years of industry innovation and leadership, ARI has reshaped the way companies handle fleet maintenance and management. Applying our expertise to the toughest fleet challenges of today, we craft solutions that deliver best practices performance over the full fleet life cycle, creating long-term value for customers and creating long-term customers for ARI. All our services and solutions—in fact, everything we do—underscores our total commitment to client satisfaction and success through managed fleet efficiency and cost control.


Fleet management oversees, coordinates and manages various transportation vehicles and related activities, while aiming to minimize costs throughout maximum cost effective utilization of resources such as vehicles fuels, spare parts, etc.  Fleet management consists of a range of functions including: vehicle financing, maintenance, telematics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, time savings, cost savings, control, support, health and safety management.  Fleet management allows companies that rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.  ARI fleet management delivers the best practices giving long term value for customers and long term customers for ARI.

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