Through more than 60 years of industry innovation and leadership, ARI has reshaped the way companies handle vehicle fleet management. Applying our expertise to the toughest fleet challenges of today, we craft solutions that deliver best practices performance over the full fleet life cycle, creating long-term value for customers and creating long-term customers for ARI. All our services and solutions—in fact, everything we do—underscores our total commitment to client satisfaction and success through managed fleet efficiency and cost control.

Outsourced Maintenance and Repair

Companies that don’t perform timely maintenance and repair, halt overcharges, or cash in on rebates and discounts for their fleets lose out on savings. ARI’s Total Management System® (TMS) for vehicle repair services can help, with savings averaging 10–25%.

ARI TruckServe®, for vocational vehicle fleet maintenance, offers custom-designed solutions for clients that include a dedicated ASE certified coordinator with experience in medium/heavy truck repair.

With either program, ARI maintenance specialists evaluate client spend to determine if a maintenance operation is on track or in trouble. The Maintenance Analytics tool within the ARI insights® web-based a mobile fleet management system can pinpoint a specific asset’s maintenance spend, repair amounts, repair categories, and more. Problems are identified and fixed.

In-house Garage Maintenance

Companies using both in-house garages and third-party vendors for maintenance are challenged to maintain high quality at low cost. The right cost-quality-consistency ratio is essential for success.

Clients rely on the ARI Garage Management System™ (GMS) to make internal and external resources seem like one. Integrated with ARI’s web-based fleet management system, ARI insights®, our GMS consolidates repair, labor and parts data and streamlines fleet maintenance and repair through a single source.

GMS makes fleet maintenance and repairs go smoothly, gets vehicles back on the road and keeps customers in control.

Fuel Management

You can’t control fuel prices, but you can put a proactive fuel cost reduction strategy in place. We offer tools that manage fleet activities for better fuel economy.

Eliminate wasteful practices and replace them with efficient processes you can control. With policies in place before purchases are made, unnecessary expense is avoided.

Vehicle selection, maintenance management, driver communication, telematics, replacement cycling and performance benchmarking—all can be combined to keep your fleet operating at maximum fuel efficiency.

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