Global Fleet Management

To handle the unpredictable supply chain and meet objectives for comprehensive global fleet services, companies turn to ARI.

ARI is known and trusted by fleet decision-makers worldwide because we deliver world-class service and solutions for even the most complex fleets. With our established global network of top fleet management experts and providers – we dig deeper and go farther to unlock fleet performance and value.

We are well-versed in dealing and working with the multi-textured landscape of diverse cultures, governments, languages, and fleet challenges unique to every company and in any country. No matter where in the world you are, ARI is near enough to help.


Europeans need custom solutions for their changing marketplace. To accommodate differences among countries, European fleets are trending toward a multi-supplier approach. ARI fleet consulting services are flexible. Customers are free to choose their own best-in-class suppliers while receiving support from a single global fleet management company – ARI.

Other Major Markets

Global Fleet Services (GFS) is an alliance of premier fleet leasing companies that are recognized as the top tier market leaders in their respective regions. The alliance has been developed on the concept of members combining their strengths to best serve international companies with global fleet needs. GFS enables businesses to develop global strategic initiatives through benchmarking and identification of global fleet synergies, as well as cost savings opportunities. The GFS alliance is currently represented in more than 70 countries and manages a combined total of over 2 million vehicles worldwide.

Emerging Markets

ARI works with a network of independent fleet providers and manufacturers to assist our clients in emerging markets, such as some regions in Asia and Latin America, where the fleet industry is in early stages of development.

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