Lifecycle vehicle management covers the vehicle from leasing and financing to acquisition through remarketing. ARI has the expertise and the technology to ensure your fleet vehicles do the job you need them do when you need them so that driver productivity stays high and vehicle costs stay low.

Leasing and Financing

ARI fleet management offers both fleet leasing and financing options.

Leasing lets you spread out costs over time, lower monthly fees and free up cash for other business needs. We offer open and closed-end fleet leasing options to meet your needs. Of course, ARI can also assist with purchasing vehicles on your behalf.

Whether you lease or purchase, we offer a variety of rates. As a result of our many decades in business, our fleet company has the financial backing and excess liquidity to guarantee you’ll have the funding you need, when you need it.

Vehicle Acquisition

Business conditions change. There’s no guarantee what worked last year will work today, making fleet vehicle acquisition an even bigger challenge.

No matter how fast your business moves, our fleet services experts will guide you through the process—from selector development and design specification, all the way through to vehicle delivery. We look at everything, from paint to payload and from alterntative fuels, to right sizing to help you make the best choice. Our PriceNet® system lets you build fleet vehicles online with the latest equipment and invoice data. From the first stage of the vehicle lifecycle, we can let you know the optimal turn-in time for resale.

Vehicle and Equipment Remarketing

When we’ve identified that downtime and lifecycle costs exceed the cost of a new vehicle, we pull out all the stops to get the most for clients. We list the vehicle across multiple channels to get results fast. At ARI, we use a multi-level employee sale program, our own websites, a consignment program, and truck and equipment remarketing outlets, as well as traditional auctions and dealers. Clients can even sell vehicles directly to ARI on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis or as a group of vehicles. It all adds up to returns for clients that rank among the best.

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