With a history of success in fleet management of every size and complexity throughout the world, ARI today enjoys a reputation for best-in-class customer support made possible by the innovative way we create fleet solutions. When a company comes to ARI with a problem, we engage with them to co-create a solution that enables its fleet to perform at peak efficiency.

ARI has the stability of a large firm, the agility of a small one, and a level of innovation that’s just part of ARI. Our solutions grow out of our want to thoroughly learn a company’s business and the role of its vehicles, identifying and prioritizing issues. We then configure a custom solution for each company and fleet from ARI’s extensive portfolio of capabilities and resources.

Account Management

Talk to anyone who works as part of a team and it comes down to this: trust is vital.

We earn our clients’ trust by building winning account management teams who deliver on their promises. We solve complex fleet problems, and we succeed when our clients succeed. That’s the cornerstone of our business and the mindset of our employees.

Know these things about ARI:

  • We put our clients’ interests first.
  • We strive to deliver more value in all we do.
  • Our bigger approach delivers a lower TCO; from vehicle sourcing to remarketing.
  • We may disagree, but we will always tell the truth.
  • Expect no less than 100% effort, from everyone, at all times.


During the time when a company is switching its fleet management provider, maintaining driver and vehicle productivity is critical.  Overlooking even one small detail can cause a company to suffer downtime or lose sight of critical data, both of which could mean a great deal to the company’s bottom line.

The ARI implementation team ensures a smooth transition for all fleets regardless of fleet size or complexity. The experienced team gathers all fleet data and verifies data integrity, formats all data fields for consistency, and builds a fleet profile that becomes the account’s foundation. Lastly, the implementation team rolls out the client’s new program to all drivers including communication, resources and training.

Throughout this entire process, ARI’s is analyzing the fleet’s procedures for opportunities to implement Best Practices for cost savings and efficiency gains, giving the fleet a head start towards improved ROI.

Continuous Value Integration Model

The Continuous Value Integration Model is a proprietary ARI business methodology that’s winning high praise from global fleet users for optimizing performance and creating strategic value. Based on the latest data-integration technology, CVIM cuts through global organizational and supply chain complexities to drive down costs.

The model uncovers every bit of information about the company’s fleet – every conceivable internal and external factor that impacts or can impact the fleet operation, fleet performance, and cost. When we have all the information in this in-depth, 360° analysis, our experts can associate pertinent data and come up with a list of priority issues. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to develop a strategy that precisely fits the fleet operation, the business and the issues. The outcome: significant improvement in the performance of the fleet – from vehicle acquisition to end-of-cycle remarketing, and the success of the company at the lowest possible cost.

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