To be considered a best-in-class fleet requires creative and forward-thinking sustainable strategies.

ARI SustainableWorks™ is a consulting service dedicated to configuring clean, efficient and cost-effective solutions for vehicle fleets around the world. Throughout the cradle-to-grave vehicle life cycle, ARI helps fleets reduce their carbon footprint by leveraging the industry’s latest technological developments and best practices with the insight, experience and advice of our team of sustainability experts.

From evaluating fleet utilization to determining how best to strategically implement clean technology vehicles to developing efficient driver behavior strategies and conducting comprehensive fleet emissions reporting, the ARI SustainableWorks team is dedicated to helping fleets to optimize operations by reducing total cost of ownership and enhancing environmental performance. ARI’s consultants also use advanced geospatial mapping systems to strategically identify optimal locations in the fleet where the latest technologies are both logistically feasible and cost-effective to implement.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Solutions

Through an in-depth analysis of your fleet and business needs, ARI will tailor a plan that enables your company to reap the rewards of alternative fuel vehicles while eliminating the confusion that can often accompany a switch from traditional fuel sources. From vehicle acquisition costs and fuel availability to money-saving incentive programs and cycling forecasts, the ARI SustainableWorks team can help your company develop a unique vehicle portfolio that maximizes your fleet dollars while incorporating a cost-effective mix of traditional and alternative fuel vehicles. Leveraging advanced geo-information technology systems, ARI will help you strategically incorporate alternative fuel vehicles in your fleet where possible.


Fuel Efficiency Enhancement

ARI’s holistic approach to improving overall fleet fuel economy help fleets optimize their fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint as strategically as possible.  From helping fleets procure fuel-efficient vehicles to helping them reduce idling time and developing driver behavior programs to encourage drivers to operate vehicles more fuel efficiently, ARI can help you with fuel management so you can spend more effectively in all areas of fleet management. 


Research Insight

Active and engaged with the industry, the ARI SustainableWorks team helps customers stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest technological and regulatory developments in the world of clean transportation.  ARI is an active member of numerous organizations dedicated to clean transportation, including several U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities coalitions and CALSTART.


Sustainability Reporting

ARI understands that sustainability reporting has become a best practice employed by companies worldwide and has already become a vital component of shareholder, employee and stakeholder relations as well as regulatory compliance in some countries. ARI partners with both fleet professionals and sustainability professionals to provide comprehensive fleet emissions reporting that can be broken down multiple ways: by vehicle class, fuel type, and geography. We work with customers to attain their sustainability goals and even show what kind of carbon emissions differences they can expect by using viable alternative fuels (by taking into account the different carbon levels of various alternative fuels) or implementing other sustainable strategies.


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