Fleet Management Software

It takes powerful information technology and fleet management software to handle the immense volume of vehicle and driver data streaming from numerous sources. It takes a team of experienced fleet professionals to understand the industry’s needs and design customer systems that will not only handle the data, but also monitor and analyze it, extending the benefits of ARI programs even further. ARI’s systems have become essential to companies looking for fast, actionable fleet management information to help make decisions that save money, build revenue and improve productivity—all at the lowest cost possible.

With customizable dashboards; key performance indicators and alerts; RSS feeds; enhanced web reporting; bulk e-mails and fleet updates; and more, ARI ‘s customer systems set new standards for flexibility, capability and simplicity.

Web-based and Mobile Tools

Today's mobile technology infrastructure allows you to be in constant control of your business, no matter where you are. Why shouldn't the same be true of your global fleet? ARI is the only company in the fleet management industry to have implemented advanced in-memory technology, which speeds tracking and report results to mere seconds.

From online dashboards to up-to-the-minute RSS feed updates, ARI's fleet software tools make sure you can re-route trucks from the golf course, send updates from a beach and update supply chain managers from a business trip. 

Data Integration

The ARI data integration solution combines fleet data from anywhere in the world, including customer service, vendors, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, driver activity, remarketing and more, based upon a client’s needs. Our data integration tools enable a company to capture fleet costs and information worldwide.

Taking Telematics to the Next Level

Telematics technology captures thousands of data points relative to both vehicle and driver performance, but often the information stops there.  The data becomes siloed or falls inactive. Luckily, ARI can help you harness your data and validate your return on investment across product or platform.

ARI’s telematics approach combines the excellence of our technology experts and our systems themselves to offer telematics Data Capture, Consulting Services, Fleet Tracking and a full telematics Managed Solution.

Our consolidated telematics view can help you make sense of the data, gain insight from it, and drive real value and savings across your fleet.

Analysis and Reporting

ARI has always been at the forefront in the use of technology as a way to provide innovative solutions to the multitude of challenges faced by managers charged with deploying and maintaining complex fleets. ARI’s analytical and predictive business intelligence tool, ARI analytics™, uses in-memory technology supported by SAP to allow for high-speed processing and reporting of data. Also, the Maintenance Analytics tool can pinpoint a specific asset’s maintenance spend, repair amounts, repair categories, and more.

Continuous Value Integration Model™

The Continuous Value Integration Model™ (CVIM™) is a proprietary ARI business methodology that’s winning high praise from global fleet users for optimizing performance and creating strategic value. Based on the latest data-integration technology, CVIM cuts through global organizational and supply chain complexities to drive down costs.  By fixing inefficiencies and improving the productivity of fleet vehicle users, our CVIM solution becomes a strategic tool driving value not just into the client’s fleet, but throughout its organization.

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