Improvement as Easy as PIE!

The PIE program is the cornerstone of our extraordinary customer service and a competitive edge in the industry.

Our Partners In Excellence® (PIE) program is the only fleet-specific, award-winning, quality assurance program in the industry.

Introduced in 1989 and a core component of ARI’s culture, PIE provides our employees with guidance on the strategic direction of the company and how they contribute to the organization’s performance and success through the measurement of key metrics. Through programs, events and our annual PIE Week celebration, it also provides them with the recognition and praise they deserve for a job well done.

Performance Metrics

The program comprises client-focused performance metrics, corrective action and continuous improvement methodology, employee rewards for goal achievement, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, ARI has dedicated a management team to monitor and facilitate the PIE program.

50 Annual
PIE Goals

ARI works with clients to collaboratively develop customized PIE goals for their fleet. We also track fifty annual PIE performance management metrics to assess our progress in achieving client cost savings and an overall level of excellent customer service. All areas of fleet management are included in these performance measurements and results are published for employees monthly.

Metrics include:

  • Tracking operational processes and performance to ensure continual improvement
  • Departmental goals that help ensure every employee is committed to the overall success of the company
  • Training goals that promote continual learning and growth

Recognize a great performance. Spotlight an ARI employee for a job well done.

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