Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

A car cuts you off in traffic, the car behind you will not stop tailgating, someone pulls out in front of you, makes an immediate left turn and to top it off, there are not any cars behind you, etc.

Does this sound familiar?  We have all been there, but what can you do to resist the urge to engage in road rage and to avoid confrontation?  Although there are no definite steps you can take to ensure you do not become a victim of a road rage incident, there are several basic actions that can help.  The same logic applies when you are avoiding the urge to become the aggressor in the situation.

Do not offend, do not engage and adjust your attitude if necessary.

Avoid becoming a victim:

  • Allow plenty of room when merging in traffic.  Be mindful to not cut off another vehicle in traffic.
  • Do not tailgate.  Use the two-second rule by allowing enough space between you and the vehicle ahead.
  • Do not drive slowly in the left lane, move over to the right lane when safe and allow drivers behind you, to pass.  The likelihood of angering drivers behind you will diminish by following this basic action.  Many state laws require drivers to travel in the right lane and use the left lane for passing only.

Avoid becoming the aggressor:

  • Refuse to become angry in a driving situation.  It takes two to continue a confrontation.
  • Driving is not a contest, forget about winning.  If you find that something happens on the road that slows you down, allow more time for your next trip.
  • Stay cool and don’t take it personally.
  • If you think you have a problem, seek assistance.  There are courses available for angry drivers.

Following a few simple guidelines can make a difference in the way we interact with our fellow motorists on the road.  Keep these recommendations in mind and as always, drive safe.