Backing Accidents

Approximately one of every four accidents is the result of backing.  Although most incidents result in property damage only, the potential to injure a pedestrian always exists.

All backing accidents are preventable.  You should avoid backing whenever possible.  However, by taking the proper precautions when backing, you will significantly reduce the chances of having an accident.

  • Position your vehicle to avoid backing.  For example, always pull through a parking space whenever possible.
  • If backing is unavoidable, it is always better to back in when you arrive, rather than backing out when you leave.
  • Always walk around your vehicle to determine if there any potential hazards.
  • Always back out slowly and be prepared to yield the right–of–way to other vehicles if necessary.  Only proceed when safe to do so.
  • Back out slowly and check your mirrors often.

By following the above precautions, you will significantly reduce the possibility of an accident.