Drive Safely Work Week

Drive Safely Work Week starts next week beginning October 1 through October 5, 2012.  In its 16th year, it is the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety annual Safety campaign.  The theme of this year’s campaign is “Back to Basics: Your Key to Safe Driving”.  Please see below for some back to basics tips that will help to keep you safe.

“Buckle up! Seat belts should never have time off”
It takes 2 seconds to buckle up and although 84% of the US population is using seatbelts, there are almost 45 million people who are not using them consistently.  According to research, some drivers take into consideration the distance they will travel, the likelihood they will encounter law enforcement and road conditions before they actually fasten the safety belt.

“Steer with a Clear Head”
Although most drivers are aware that alcohol and driving do not mix, some drivers do not clearly understand that drowsy driving can delay reaction time and impair judgment.  The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety sites that around 17% of fatal vehicle collisions are linked to drowsy driving.

“Drive Distraction-free”
Anything that can take a driver’s attention off the road is considered a driving distraction and can adversely affect a driver’s awareness, performance and decision making ability.  Visual, manual and cognitive distractions all affect your ability to drive in a safe manner.  In 2010, over 400,000 people were injured in collisions attributed to distracted driving.

“Parking and Backing Basics”
According to IIHS, 20% of all reported collisions occur in a parking lot.  However, there are procedures we can follow to reduce the occurrence of a parking lot accident.  Properly adjust your mirrors, enter and exit your parking space cautiously and be alert for pedestrians.

“Fine-tune the Fundamentals”
By scanning ahead, signaling your intentions, watching your following distance and planning an escape route you can reduce your likelihood of a rear-end collision.

Drive Safely!