Parking Lot Safety

Collisions that occur in parking lots account for 20 percent of all automobile crashes.  This number may seem like a high percentage, because it is. Additionally, one in four collisions occurs while a vehicle is in reverse.  A parking lot becomes a potpourri of moving vehicles, pedestrians and fixed objects that can present driving dangers.  The following guidelines serve as a helpful reminder to drive carefully in parking lots.

Park Defensively

  • Avoid parking next to cars parked at an angle and make sure that there is adequate room between your vehicle and the vehicles next to you.  Do not to park at the end of the parking aisle to reduce the risk of additional exposure from other vehicles.  Backing into a parking space will allow for an easier exit.  Be sure to observe your local traffic law, as some cities have ordinances prohibiting reversing into a parking space.

Look around

  • Check the area around your vehicle to observe any fixed objects that may present a driving hazard.  Light poles, other vehicles, shopping carts and pedestrians can all become a potential hazard in a parking lot.  Once you have checked the area and confirmed your area of clearance, you can proceed to exit the parking space.

Backing up

  • Whenever you are in reverse, be sure to check your mirrors.  You should always check your blind spots prior to backing out of your parking space to ensure that there are no hazards.  Once you have confirmed that it is safe to exit your parking space, do so slowly and safely.

Remember these guidelines while driving in parking lots to reduce the risk of a collision.

Drive Safely!