Safety Tips for Drivers

Leading into the CVSA Roadcheck event (June 3-5), here are some practical safety tips for all drivers:

Buckle up! It is your first line of defense!

Pre-inspect the condition of your vehicle before traveling and check for load securement. Maximize the vision around your truck by properly adjusting the mirrors. Be sure your mirrors are properly set and clean.

Get in a safe mindset! Obey speed limits and traffic signs. Excessive speed reduces your ability to avoid a crash, extends your vehicle’s stopping distance and increases the severity of a crash when it occurs. Slowdown in bad weather and at construction zones.

Maintain a safe following distance. Follow other vehicles at a safe distance. Make sure to constantly check your mirrors.

Make only safe and necessary lane changes. Pick a lane and stay in it for as long as possible. Lane changes increase one’s risk of an accident.

Focus on your driving and avoid or minimize in-truck distractions such as cell phone use, changing CDs, eating or other activities that can remove your attention from the road.

Never drive under the influence! Watch out for other motorists whose driving behavior suggests they may have been drinking.

Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation and fatigue can cause lapses in attention, slowed awareness and impaired judgment.