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Fleet operations can involve costly risks. If your drivers don’t drive safely or your vehicles aren’t properly maintained, you run the risks of accidents, injuries, liability, downtime and more.

You  also run the risk of paying higher insurance premiums. These costs represent your TCR (Total Cost of Risk), one component of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

But what if you could proactively manage and reduce those risks, and use that investment as a way to lower your insurance premiums? The result would be a lower TCR. And that’s what your organization can do when you consolidate fleet management and auto insurance coverage with Holman.

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Identifying your fleet risks

We’ll assess the specific risks your fleet faces to identify mitigation strategies such as telematics to identify risky driving behaviors, MVR monitoring to identify high-risk drivers, and driver training programs to improve performance and reduce downtime.

Lowering your premiums

Your investment into fleet safety measures can lead to decreased accident frequency, which means your organization may qualify for lower insurance premiums. By aggregating all of your fleet data with Holman, you have the power to identify sources for cost and risk, and document the combined impact of your driver and vehicle safety investments – all of which can add up to lower premiums and less invoices.

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In addition to lowering and verifying your risks, we will evaluate the scope of your coverage to ensure it’s right for your business including deductible amounts. We will also review, optimize and manage claims to create efficiencies for your drivers and fleet team. In addition, we will proactively review loss data and recommend enhancements to your safety strategy that will maximize insurance savings.

Calculate your savings

Use our total cost of risk calculator below to see how much hard dollar savings you may realize by leveraging your driver safety and training programs.