Manage internal and external garages in one place

Consolidate your internal and external maintenance activity with ARI's Garage Management System™.

Looking for cost savings? Check the garage. Visibility to your full maintenance landscape means nothing gets lost in the clutter.

You’re feeling the pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing productivity. ARI’s garage management system enables a more efficient repair process by integrating in-house garages and external repair facilities.

Gain control of your garages

You can track vehicle inventory, view vehicle maintenance histories, manage mechanic workload and shop time, log equipment hours and chassis odometer readings, maintain compliance with inspections and regulatory requirements, measure mechanic productivity, and more. Fully integrated with ARI’s complete fleet management system, our Garage Management System gives you total control of your resources.

Save time inside and out

By seamlessly managing your entire range of internal resources —in-house technicians, parts inventory, repair schedules, etc. — as well as all vendor-out services, the ARI Garage Management System saves fleet operators valuable time through reduced administration.

Streamline shop management

You can develop a customized maintenance management solution that supplements in-houses facilities with external vendors. This balanced methodology keeps vehicles on the road generating revenue for your company.

Automated parts inventory

Inventory levels are adjusted as parts are applied to work orders. This prevents work orders from closing without parts being assigned, ensuring a more accurate accounting of parts usage. When garage inventory reaches a preset reorder point, the system automatically pushes parts orders to preferred parts vendors.

Complete visibility

ARI’s Garage Management System provides you with new insights through standardized maintenance data, and tracking all vehicle activity and downtime.  In addition to in-house repairs and outside vendor activity, your consolidated view includes new vehicle delivery, licensing renewal, IFTA/IRP, DOT and ANSI inspections, accident repairs, vehicle replacement, and remarketing.

Silofication: Sharing insight

Silofication is the hidden flaw in the fleet supply chain process that splits decision-making into separate budget, design and upfit, and delivery silos, each blind to the concerns of the other.

You’re managing repair costs and downtime by staying on top of predictable issues, but are the stakeholders responsible for replacement cycling or the ones who decide on new vehicle specs aware of the issues you’re seeing? If you combine your insight together, you could build vehicles that are better suited for their use and reduce lifetime operating costs.

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