Vehicle remarketing maximizes results while minimizing effort.

When you partner with ARI, you get access to more channels to get the highest sales price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Get your vehicles in front of the right buyers using traditional auctions, truck & equipment channels, and multi-platform websites.

Highest sale price

With ARI, you have access to experienced agents with specialized knowledge of your vehicle type who take ownership of showcasing your vehicles to targeted buyers through an array of sales channels, proprietary websites and a nationwide network of retail dealers and auction houses.

Employee purchase is a win-win

Your drivers and other employees have the opportunity to buy company vehicles, avoiding sale expenses, transportation, clean-up, and auction fees with the ARIAUTODIRECT® platform. Your employees will be happy and you get a better-than-average net sale.

Cash out now

When you are looking for a solution to dispose of vehicles quickly, off your lot or off your books, you can take advantage of the ARIBUYDIRECT® program. ARI will purchase them from you, including cars, light trucks, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, as well as a variety of equipment individually or in large quantities.

Manage your logistics

You can be confident that all of the time-consuming facets of resale and coordination—including pick-up, clean-up, and de-identification, as well as transportation and administrative paperwork—are taken care of through ARI.

After the sale, the cycle begins again

Bob White, President of Holman Fleet and Mobility, joins Frank Cardile, EVP & Chief Engagement Officer, Holman Enterprises, to discuss how to address relying on third parties, more logistics, timelines and delivery factors you have to manage.

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