Partnering with ARI

It’s… about building long-term relationships that benefit our clients and our business partners.

ARI understands that to deliver world class fleet management solutions, we need world class business partners dedicated to delivering superior service and value.

As the world’s largest privately held fleet management company, ARI relies on a strong network of partners every day to help us manage our clients’ vehicles, including upfitters, fuel card providers, telematics vendors, transportation companies, compliance experts, remarketing outlets, and more. Our partners are essential in helping us deliver the level of service our clients expect. Our largest group of partners is maintenance and repair shops. ARI works with more than 90,000 shops in the United States, and we have partnerships with national chains as well as independent facilities.

Introducing ARI PartnerConnect®

It's easier than ever before to partner with ARI. Our completely new two-way business portal - ARI PartnerConnect® - is designed to save you time and money by providing a fast and easy way to handle the bulk of your ARI business interactions. This new site will be replacing our current supplier webpage.

What is ARI PartnerConnect®?

ARI PartnerConnect will allow you to create purchase orders (POs) online for most of the common, day-to-day operations that are typically performed in your shop. In most cases, you will be able to skip the phone call to our Call Center by creating a PO request over the Internet.

In addition to creating POs online, our new system will also provide you with the status of your existing POs at a glance and allow for PO edits on the fly. And, once work on the vehicle has been completed, you can quickly and easily review and close the PO.

ARI PartnerConnect®: The Basics

When will it launch?

ARI PartnerConnect is planned for release early in the second quarter of 2017.

Is there an additional fee or charge for using ARI PartnerConnect?

No. It is a value added tool designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your shop.

Will I be able to process payments for open, authorized POs on the new website?

Yes. ARI PartnerConnect allows you to process payments on-line, as well as view the payment status for all approved POs.


How Can I Prepare for ARI PartnerConnect®?

To prepare for ARI PartnerConnect, please visit our existing supplier webpage, log-in, click on the Member Services link and verify or update your existing contact information (especially your email and your phone number). It is imperative that this information is up to date.  You can also update the types of services your company provides to ARI’s various fleet customers.

Over the next several months, ARI representatives are planning to visit several key locations across the United States to provide hands-on demonstrations and training. On-line training resources will also be available for those unable to attend.



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ARI PartnerConnect®

ARI PartnerConnect® uses advanced technology to help you manage routine or regular maintenance POs faster.


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