3 Fleet Necessities for 2021

The year is only halfway over, but so many of us are already wishing for 2021 to come sooner rather than later. In fact, “Christmas in July” celebrations are expected to be bigger and more meaningful this year than ever before. People are yearning to feel that festive mood and to move the year closer to an end.

It’s not over yet, but there are some positives.

This eagerness to fast-forward may be because it feels like with every two steps you’ve made forward in 2020, the outside world has apologetically forced you to take one step back. Frustrating, yes, but it still proves you’re making progress. Let’s consider some of the recent positive developments in our work lives:

  • Appreciation – We’re taking time to appreciate workers whose jobs were taken for granted for so long. Saying “thank you” to the people who selflessly show up at work to serve others in person amid potentially contagious conditions. It’s hard to imagine the past few months without their presence.
  • Flexibility – We’ve learned to use technology like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to improve communications and maintain personal connections. And now that a huge number of employees are productively working from home, we’re doing less commuting and work travel, which gives us back more time for ourselves. Despite the legitimate challenges that accompany a rapid shift in work environments, we still have wins to celebrate.
  • Development – All of this new learning – whether it’s better ways to do our jobs or fresh skills and understanding for this new way of living – is helping us expand our personal development and build more brain power.
  • Awareness – We’re moving forward in life with new awareness of personal space and health, especially in environments where remote work isn’t possible. And how about the quick, smart, and creative thinking of so many professionals – medical staff, engineers, analytics specialists, and more? Thanks to their efforts, we can all live and work in a safer world.

Let’s stay focused on those people who work selflessly to serve others. We believe that category includes you. Each day you are contributing to the careful and purposeful management of your company fleet. You are supporting operations that are generating revenue. You are supporting drivers that are working in the field. Your fleet is enabling your company to remain a viable supplier of not only goods and services but also jobs and community support. What you do matters.

You deserve the praise. But there’s still more to do.

Now at this mid-year point, after four months of undulating change and worry, you may be tired. But don’t check out just yet – there’s still tough work to be done. You can do it, and smart planning will start you off on the right foot.

There’s no sense in worrying about all the things you can’t control, so let’s look at three main things you have the power to set in motion as you position your fleet for a better 2021:

What does tomorrow look like?

Some states that re-opened earlier in the year are experiencing re-surges of coronavirus cases. Other states that started out with strict regulations are sticking to them, ready to wait it out months longer. When will everyone be on the same page again? There’s no answer to that question today. What we do know is this too shall pass, and we’ll do our best to make the most of the situation in the meantime.

Right now, you have the optimism and drive to implement strong fleet management plans for that new day. We’re here to help you along the way. ARI can help you discover new paths, share your vision with your organization, and turn your positivity into productivity. Let’s see what blossoms in 2021 from the seeds we plant now, together.

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