4 Ways to Boost Brand Value (Without Becoming a YouTube Celeb)

With the proliferation of social media in today’s world, the term “brand” is thrown around endlessly. Personal brand. Brand influencers. Online celebrities are endlessly parading sponsored products on YouTube and other social channels. So, you could pitch to your boss the idea of boosting your company’s brand by investing in video production and hoping your videos go viral. Or, you could achieve a great ROI and contribute to the long-term growth of your company simply by taking a new perspective on your fleet investment. That idea will probably be easier to sell!

What is your fleet worth?

Sure, you can literally calculate the asset value of your vehicles, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The concept of fleet value also speaks to the worth of your company’s brand, and how the fleet can affect it. How much do your customers value when your employees arrive on time and prepared to deliver your products or services? Also, your vehicles display your company name everywhere they go. Therefore, both the vehicles’ appearance and your drivers’ behavior represent your brand and corporate priorities. What’s the cost of the impression they leave on current and future clients? From customer experience to board room satisfaction, the ways in which you invest in your fleet impact your company’s brand reputation.

Invest in your fleet, invest in your brand

Since you’re likely steering away from hiring a Kardashian to rep your organization, here’s a look at four brand-related areas of your business that you can impact through your fleet decisions.

1. Name recognition

Perception is reality, and the public opinion of your company based partly on your vehicles can affect your brand worth. This can influence the market value of your products and services, and the support of your stakeholders. Investing in the appearance of your vehicles requires attention to color and design, so that the sight of them makes a lasting, positive impression. It includes ongoing attention to wear and tear, and actively replacing vehicles in bad shape. You don’t want to diminish the public’s faith in your commitment to quality by showing them a lack of concern for your brand image.

2. Customer service

Your vehicles are a major factor in your ability to show up when your customers need you. You help keep your company running when you invest in practices to prevent those vehicles from breaking down on the way to the job. This includes complying with preventive maintenance schedules that keep vehicles in working order. It also requires a trusted network of repair vendors who can get your vehicles back on the road ASAP.

3. Community impact

Your employees’ driving behavior while behind the wheel is perhaps an even greater influence on public opinion than your vehicles’ appearance. If they are thoughtless and careless on the road, the lasting negative impression is tied to your company’s name on the vehicle. Even behaviors like idling reflect your priorities. When you invest in driver training and driver policy enforcement, you are strengthening your company’s culture. In this way, you’re preparing employees to go out and be strong brand advocates.

4. Reputation for innovation

Where do you stand among your peers and competitors in terms of innovation? Investing in technology as an enabler is important to any company that is striving to rank high as a market leader. If you have a keen sense of market awareness, you’re in the know of how companies like yours are managing their vehicles, what their technology tools of the trade are, and who the leading suppliers are who can take you to the next level. For fleet management, it’s integration of all vehicle and driver data. Adding telematics is a game changer in terms of creating actionable data related to both costs and risk that you can address immediately. Telematics technology paired with predictive analytics play a huge role in helping you identify opportunities to implement savings and efficiencies, and to avoid detrimental trends.

The right friends still matter

As you’re planning your fleet investments to help drive your company’s brand, lean on your friends. Not the ones you’d have to attract with your latest tutorial or explainer video, though – your strategic partner friends like ARI. We can help you establish a strategy for your fleet to serve as a tool that contributes to the long-term growth of your company. You won’t even have to tag us – though we’d definitely follow back!

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