Avoid “Shipageddon” Woes with Telematics

As the holiday season gears up in the midst of a global pandemic, customers and retailers alike can expect a spike in online sales unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. That spike is bringing on what some business specialists call “Shipageddon:” a peak shipping season that may not be sustainable for all businesses.

A recent article suggests that there could be a 7 million package-a-day shortage during the holiday season. That has the potential to slow down supply chain beyond holiday gifts and seasonal sweaters, hurting delivery times for your businesses and operation materials.

How can you beat the stress of Shipageddon? The answer might be right in front of you already.

If your vehicles are on the road, they are collecting data. The right telematics tools can turn your last mile fleet information into gold, helping you build a delivery system that keeps your vehicles healthy and your drivers on the right track.

Telematics technology studies the data around last-mile fleets, building a preventative maintenance schedule that reduces downtime, vehicle repair costs, and roadside service fees. Installed directly in your vehicles, this tech makes it so that each vehicle produces its own footprint. You’re able to use that unique registry to study location trends and driver behaviors, and customize preventative maintenance schedules around each drivers’ own impending schedule.

As delivery volume increases, your existing data can help you stay ahead of the traffic. Pre-existing data builds trends around more than just maintenance, using a centralized system to review the geography of your business. Using trends for the approaching season and information from your vehicles’ past, you can:

  • Study location analytics to develop the most efficient last-mile routes
  • Build strategies for impending weather
  • Create COVID-19 safety plans for each region
  • Reduce fuel costs based on past traffic data

Don’t let the swell of this season’s expectations put your fleet out of service. The data is there, how are you going to use it?

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