Can You See the Fleet Forest Through the Trees?

It’s been a scary few months, and we’re not out of the pandemic-and-recession woods yet. Still, the resilience and innovation demonstrated throughout our industry and others is truly inspiring, like sunshine breaking through the leaves.

Even when you’ve lost your footing, with the right equipment and trusted partners you can catch a branch, steady yourself, and continue the climb up. The Federal Reserve cut its interest rate to near zero with no foreseeable hikes through 2022, making it easier for businesses to borrow and spend amidst lingering uncertainty. Also, the used car market is on an upswing. Pricing and sales volume have been on a steady incline since April. That’s largely because the market knows how to entice consumers to buy, even when they’re afraid to do almost everything else!

While there’s still much ground to cover – and likely bumps to cautiously navigate – we’re aiming our binoculars on a brighter future ahead. As you plan for the coming months, this is the ideal time to evaluate your cash and funding needs.

Follow the decision tree below to plan the smoothest route forward. Then when you’re ready to hike through new territory, ARI is your guide for interpreting current trends in the fleet management industry and recommending options that align with your operational and financial needs.

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