Does Your Fleet Hold Potential for Greatness?

Since ancient times, oak trees have been associated with strength and endurance, and their acorns viewed as symbols of great potential. Oaks provide essential support to the world around them, helping to keep the ecosystem flourishing. Sound familiar?

What is your fleet’s potential?

Your fleet’s oak-like strength and endurance are likely rooted in fundamental policies and processes. Policies that keep your operations firm and steady, and processes that enable your fleet to produce and grow. With the right nutrients, could your fleet branch out to provide even more value to your company and your customers? Is unrealized potential lurking in your current policies and processes? Let’s dig in and find out with ARI’s Performance Index.

How to grow a mighty fleet

The ARI Performance Index can identify the X factors that will help grow your fleet’s potential to the next level. This comprehensive assessment will determine if your fleet management solutions are built on the fundamental policies and processes necessary to operate at a Best Practice level. Also, it can show you if your business is making the best decisions to optimize those policies and processes.

This is not a measurement of how your fleet is performing now, but rather a realization of your fleet’s potential to increase performance.

How it Works

Getting started is easy.  Start with our quick preview assessment, then decide if you’re ready for the full ARI Performance Index:

STEP 1: Complete the online preview assessment to see how you compare in one area of evaluation. It takes just a few minutes, no strings attached.

STEP 2: If you’re intrigued and would like a complimentary full assessment to understand how you compare against like fleets, simply fill out the form next to your results.

STEP 3: An ARI specialist will contact you to complete the full Performance Index assessment, including opportunities for fleet performance improvement, ways to implement the recommended best practices, and potential improved performance level.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at the information you’ll need to collect to answer the full Performance Index questionnaire:

Click to download the full PDF

In a nutshell…

Your fleet is a critical asset for both your company and your customers. Indexing your fleet’s potential and  executing on growth opportunities can give your company much needed strength and endurance.

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