Feeling Stuck with Your Fleet Financing? Think Outside the Budget.

As businesses slowly begin recovering from the financial damage done by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantines, many are still playing it safe when it comes to fleet decisions. While things are looking up, the tremendous impact on the last six months will take time to rebuild, and that is making many companies think conservatively.

But what do you do when you need to find liquid equity to keep your business healthy in 2021? When it comes to finding cash in a world of tight purse strings, sometimes the solution is right in front of you.

Your fleet is an investment: It’s a working tool that powers your team and helps you find value in your industry. So when looking for ways to add equity to your budget, selling off your fleet vehicles which can hurt your professional performance isn’t always an option.

What if you could turn an instant profit off your fleet without having to downsize?

That was the goal ARI set out to achieve when launching Sale and Leaseback. This unique product is our simplest way to free up the equity tied to your vehicles while also providing you with flexibility and a fully operational fleet.

Through Sale and Leaseback, ARI purchases your fleet at it’s current proprietary assessment. We then lease the full fleet back to you, often at a lower monthly rate based on its current value. You, the customer, end up with the liquid cash from the vehicle sale, and have the potential to inject more money into your budget each month.

This model is catching on, as businesses everywhere are in need of immediate liquidity during a time when cash is still hard to come by.

Recently, an ARI customer needed to inject cash into their monthly budget without reducing their fleet size. ARI was able to purchase over 350 customer vehicles from their FMC (a competitor), and then lease those vehicles back to them at a reduced rate through the Sale and Leaseback model. That customer now has immediate equity in their fleet budget, along with lowered monthly costs.

Have you considered new options for your trusty fleet? Download this free Sale and Leaseback eBook to learn more.