Fleet Feedback: May and June COVID Check-In

As you continue down the path of balancing immediate fleet management needs and long-term business health, you’re probably curious how your peers are faring these days. Many trusted fleet publications continue to collect and share helpful information about our industry, and we’re supplementing that data with our own customer polls and surveys.

Back in May, we shared results from an April poll of North American clients representing a range of industries, vehicle types, and fleet sizes:

In May and June, we conducted several additional fleet industry polls via webinars and our website to understand any changes in pandemic impact, areas of priority focus, and gauge predictions for the rest of 2020. Keep reading to hear what other fleet professionals had to say!

Current State: Degree of Fleet Impact

We asked respondents to choose how significantly the pandemic is affecting their operations in May and June.

69% of respondents reported a moderate impact, 15% experienced a significant impact, and 10% reported a minor impact. While we did not poll the same population as our initial survey where 64% reported a “Significant” impact, the trend indicates the degree of impact has likely subsided a bit in the past 30-60 days. As your company heads toward economic recovery, here’s additional advice that can help with fleet planning: Climb in the Fleet Recovery Lifeboat

Current State: Most Significant Fleet Challenge

We asked respondents to select their biggest fleet challenge during this time.

74% of respondents indicated that cost containment and vehicle replacements were the top two fleet challenges faced thus far, followed by idle or underutilized vehicles. These results fully align with April’s responses, confirming that fleet operators continue focusing on the same primary areas. If you’re deciding what to do with idle or underutilized vehicles, don’t underestimate their value in putting cash back in your company’s pocket. Read more: Build Your Recovery Plan on a Strong Financial Foundation

Looking Ahead: Fleet Priorities for 2020

We asked participants to share their anticipated areas of focus for the remainder of 2020.

More than two-thirds of all respondents reported that managing costs and supply chain matters are top priority – aligning with all previous results. These are the times where your fleet partners need to have your back more than ever. How strong are your suppliers? Learn how to find out: Are Your Fleet Partners Strong Contenders in this Economic Marathon?

Looking Ahead: Fleet Recovery Planning

Respondents shared the current status of their fleet recovery plans in May and June.

53% of respondents indicated their “return to fleet normalcy” strategy is already in place, 33% are formalizing plans, and 13% reported plans are still in the fluid stage. Putting the final touches on your own strategy? Here’s some basics to keep in mind: 8 Building Blocks for Recovery Planning

Looking Ahead: Economic Outlook Predictions

We asked respondents to share their opinions on what the future holds for economic recovery.

43% of participants anticipated a double dip recessionary pattern, and 25% predicted a downturn followed by slow recovery. None of the respondents indicated expectation of little to no economic recovery. If cash is tight, have you considered a sale and leaseback program so your fleet can help your company get through this tough economy? Learn how it works: Sale & Leaseback eBook: Put Your Equity to Work

Monitoring the Fleet Pulse

ARI will continue to engage with our customers and industry partners as the next few months play out, and share what we learn with you. Stay tuned for more fleet feedback blogs coming soon! In the meantime, here’s the complete list of recent blogs to help move your fleet forward:

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