Fresh Eyes Lead to a Savings Surge

Vehicle replacements are an annual practice for many companies, but when it becomes routine it is easy to let cost savings opportunities slip through the cracks. That’s why it’s important to have an upfit partner that is committed to identifying these prospects for their customers.

That belief is what has strengthened the relationship between Auto Truck Group and one of our customers, a telecommunications leader in Canada. This customer’s trucks, vans, and SUVs are a vital part of their work force and are exposed to harsh operating conditions, so they need to be cared for and replaced often to keep up with the demands of the job so that drivers are not left to the elements.

When the fleet team awarded Auto Truck with an order for 500 units, it was the ideal opportunity to take a fresh, in-depth look at finding cost savings for our long-standing partner without compromising quality.

The scope of the project encompassed rust-proofing, shelving, and additional work truck upfits. The first order of business was bring rust-proofing in-house to Auto Truck’s facility. That, combined with product negotiations for directional light bars and shelving saved the customer $350 per unit in materials alone.

We also reassessed our production method for these units and found a more efficient way to approach labor. Using the lean-line process, Auto Truck was able to improve labor efficiency by 28 percent which reaped positive benefits for the fleet’s supply chain process.

The fleet management team and their executives were so thrilled with their results that they wanted to keep things moving right away, and placed another 200 upfit orders. The customer appreciated our dedication to always looking for the best pricing for the best product and approaching them with solutions that fit their budget without driving up costs in the long-run. Another important element of our relationship is timely, transparent communication, following through on delivery date commitments. It seems simple, but when a fleet is just one of your layers of business, a peace of mind is a vital asset.

Above all, the win in this relationship goes to our employees. Auto Truck employees pride themselves on their commitment to the job, and that’s earned our team a reputation for excellence.

If you talk to this company, they’ll tell you that the customer service aspect is the most important for them. As they’ve said themselves, there are upfitters everywhere, but it’s the customer service and the commitment to the job that continues to set Auto Truck apart from the rest.