Hear from Other Fleet Pros Coping with Coronavirus Impact

As the calendar flips to May, the fleet world continues adjusting to new developments presented by the ongoing pandemic. But whether your company is acclimating to a slower pace of business or scrambling to support increased demand, the challenge you’re facing remains the same: making decisions to support immediate fleet needs without compromising long-term business health.

So what’s the word on the (fleet) street? In mid-April, we polled a number of North American clients representing a range of industries, vehicle types, and fleet sizes. We asked how significantly the pandemic has impacted their fleet operations, and to share their main focus during this time. Keep reading to see what we learned, then weigh in by completing our COVID-19 Fleet Impact poll!

Significance of Fleet Impact

We asked respondents if the pandemic has significantly affected their fleet operations. The results indicate a range of impact, depending on factors such as industry and customer demand.

64% of respondents agreed the pandemic has significantly impacted their fleet operations. 18% reported the absence of a significant impact, and the remaining 18% were in the middle.

As we support clients in navigating their unique circumstances, our short-term strategies address both increased and decreased business demand scenarios when it comes to budgeting capital, managing operating expenses, and addressing changes in vehicle utilization.

Pressing Fleet Challenges

We asked respondents to select their top fleet issue from a list of common challenges.

More than half of all respondents prioritized supply chain and inventory concerns, and one-third indicated they are mainly focused on containing costs and managing capital expenses.

As more manufacturers announce plans to resume production starting in mid-May, fleet operators will have more information to help establish next steps for their replacement and budget plans. This is a pivotal development for organizations evaluating the best ways to balance their capital and operating expenses.

The Road Ahead

As you’re planning for the coming months, weigh in on our newest Road to Fleet Recovery poll to share your thoughts and instantly see responses from other participants. We’ll continue to share daily updates from industry partners via our COVID Resource Center, and equip you with strategies and practices to help position your fleet for the developing future.