MOTIVE Recap: Charged Up

Electric vehicles (EVs) have arrived, and with them come major time and budget investments in the world of fleet and mobility. But how do businesses prepare for an electrifying future through solid and stable investments?

Our recent episode of the podcast MOTIVE powered by Holman explored the reality of the EV evolution. MOTIVE host Peter Nogalo asked the big questions that are on the minds of consumers and investors, like:

  • Do we have enough grid capacity to meet future EV charging needs?
  • How do we manage batteries?
  • What impact will EVs have on the environment?

Peter was joined by Jason Mathers, the director of vehicle and freight strategies at the Environmental Defense Fund, senior director of market development at GNA Nate Springer, and Holman Enterprises’ director of mobility Bill Doman. They first discussed the impact of EVs on climate change.

An important element they touched on is grid capacity, an essential consideration needed to understand the massive investments around EVs.

“We’re developing at a breakneck speed the pace of electrification that is needed to reverse the human impact of climate change,” Nate said. “That regulated grid capacity investment is what fleet customers are insisting on.”

While there is a lot to make sense of, there is still plenty of potential on the horizon, especially for fleets looking to lower TCO around EVs. “There is a lot that can be done,” said Bill. That includes managing software in efficient ways and taking advantage of off-peak charging times to turn EVs into a fleet investment for tomorrow.

The group also focused on battery production and supply. OEMs are working to build enough batteries to keep up with the demand,. Bill stressed that there are new inventions and materials coming out every day to meet the need for more, putting battery chemistry at the front of vehicle technology evolution.

Along with these major topics, Peter and guests discussed some of the most important questions customers and professionals have, including EV capacity and tech availability, and how to prepare for what’s to come.

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