Necessity is the mother of invention when fleets are part of the family.

As terms like “unprecedented” and the ever-present “new normal” firmly entrench themselves in our daily conversations, it’s refreshing to start this blog with two words that are familiar and commonplace in both ARI and Auto Truck’s vocabularies: resourceful and responsive.

Listening and responding to needs.

Many of our mutual clients operate fleets in industries deemed “essential,” and continued supporting their customers through the recent widespread shelter-in-place mandates. Through the course of regular phone and web calls with clients and prospects, the ARI, Auto Truck, and Kargo Master teams quickly picked up on the increasing fleet demand for a simple way to facilitate driver hygiene.

Even as restrictions continue loosening across the continent, businesses are still looking for practical ways to keep their drivers and customers as safe as possible moving forward. Simply put, fleets were looking for a mobile sanitation station.

Putting our resources to work – fast.

Luckily, we’ve “got a guy for that” when it comes to quality engineering and manufacturing. The engineering teams at Auto Truck and Kargo Master put their heads together and within a few weeks, designed and prototyped a sanitation solution that checked all the wish list boxes:

· Easy to mount and reconfigure for a variety of vehicle applications? Check.

· Holds all the necessary hygiene essentials in one place? Check.

· Includes a water supply tank? Check.

· Priced competitively? Check.

· Market ready in just a matter of weeks? Check.

The customer response was swift and overwhelmingly positive, and we forged ahead to begin the manufacturing process immediately. Here’s a sneak peek of the production version station, and visit Kargo Master for more images and details.

Building for the future

This seamless collaboration between Auto Truck and Kargo Master demonstrates how the combined expertise and agility of multiple Holman companies empowered us to develop and build a solution from scratch to sale in just two months. And because good things come in threes, I’ll leave you with one final “r” word – recovery.

As more businesses open their doors and kick-start activity, we’re working on more cost-effective product solutions to support fleet safety. Our teams are currently putting the finishing touches on a clear polycarbonate partition to reduce transmission of respiratory droplets. This shield has great promise for fleets that transport customers or operate with multi-person crews.

Think this may be a good fit for your fleet? Click to sign up for partition availability updates from Kargo Master and connect with your ARI and Auto Truck teams to start a conversation. You can also check the latest industry news on ARI’s COVID-19 Resource Center.