Our Newest Product is Nothing to Sneeze At

Last month, I shared a story about how typical, everyday conversations with our customers served as a catalyst for innovation. The blog highlighted how ARI, Auto Truck, and Kargo Master leveraged the entire range of Holman’s core competencies to quickly develop and build a mobile sanitation station, providing fleet operators a practical fleet management solution to keep your drivers and customers safe during the ongoing pandemic.

In that blog, I teased a sneak peek of another product we’ve been working on to help organizations ramp up business activity while prioritizing safety. Now it’s time to pull back the curtain and reveal our sanitation shield!

Many fleet operators are looking for simple, unobtrusive ways to safely transport customer passengers or enable multi-person crews to travel together to job sites. Our engineering teams over at Auto Truck and Kargo Master took the feedback and ran with it, designing this universal fit, clear partition as a convenient and effective way of providing separation within the cab of a vehicle to help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets.

The clear, polycarbonate panel can attach to virtually any headrest pillar with clamping mounting brackets, making it suitable for a wide-range of commercial applications such as taxis, ride-share services, shuttles, vocational fleets, and more. Here are some additional product highlights:

· Provides a barrier between the driver and the backseat passengers to reduce person-to-person disease transmission as recommended by health authorities

· The flexible ¼” polycarbonate construction allows for full, independent seat travel

· Effortlessly install or remove in minutes and fits nearly any passenger vehicle

· No drilling or damage to the vehicle

· Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

Guarding the way to your business recovery

Even as restrictions continue to loosen, it’s clear that many businesses will need practical solutions to seamlessly integrate strategies to facilitate proper hygiene and promote health safety for the foreseeable future. ARI, Auto Truck, and Kargo Master remain committed to developing innovative, cost-effective products to help prioritize the well-being of your employees and customers while supporting your normal daily operations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sanitation partition or any of our other sanitation products, please contact your ARI or Auto Truck team and sign up for sanitation product updates from Kargo Master. Also, don’t miss our upcoming Remarketing webinar on July 30, and subscribe to The Morning Brake for industry updates and intriguing content.