Part 4 – How Automotive Tariffs Will Impact Fleet – An ARI Special Blog Series

First Quarter Tariff Update

As the calendar flipped to March, the Trump administration announced a postponement of scheduled tariff increases as trade talks with China continue to move forward. Major media outlets are reporting that negotiations between President Trump and President Xi Jingping are pointing toward a trade agreement that could result in the lifting of most trade measures imposed by both countries.

Looking Ahead

The ongoing negotiations through the end of March will likely determine which trade elements stay, and which ones are rolled back.  No matter the direction, ARI and Holman Enterprises remain committed to working with our customers and suppliers to prepare for any potential changes on the horizon.

We will continue to monitor the news and markets to stay ahead of any potential cost impacts driven by the final details of a potential trade deal, keeping you informed of any changes along the way. Please check back often for our next tariff blog update toward the end of March.