Recap of Sustainable Fleet Solutions: The Art of the Possible

The 2021 summer kicked off with an engaging look at the future of industry emissions with ARI’s webinar, Sustainable Fleet Solutions: The Art of the Possible. It was an engaging conversation between ARI’s team and our attendees to discuss electric vehicles (EVs), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and the decisions that need to be made around these topics.

We started the webinar with an introduction from ARI’s Senior Vice President Denise Wildish, who helped us launch into the main event.

“We know that you’re being tasked within your organization about how to drive overall sustainability goals,” said Denise. “Electrification and sustainability are key strategic priorities of ours.”

She then kicked things over to the vice president of Holman Technical Sales Joe Foster. Joe stressed the importance of EVs in the future of mobility overall, as the emerging market technology is driving a whole new complex industry that has never existed before

“For 100 years, cars were mechanisms working together, and then one mechanism would evolve. But the whole concept of a vehicle didn’t change that much. EVs will impact the vehicle market forever, and also change the future for other mobility industries like battery manufacturers, operating systems, and software developers.”

This rapid change in the industry is making it so that some are feeling the heat, and are being tasked with doing more than ever before. In a webinar poll that asked,

We found that over 30 percent of attendees were feeling the most concern from their board or shareholders, while 25 percent were working to balance pressure felt at their organizational C-Suite.

Pressure is nothing new in 2021, and ARI’s Strategy Consultant Manager Emily Graham took a look at how fleets can embrace new directives to meet the demand. We learned that defining your business goals is the best first step to take today to understand these decisions, especially if you are concerned about range, cost, and TCO. That includes asking a few important questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • Are they clearly defined?
  • Are they driven by larger organization imperatives?
  • Are they financially or culturally supported within your organization?

As goals move into the future, we were curious to hear how our attendees were building out their CSR strategy for the future.

However, another 26 percent of attendees were looking to launch a new program within the 2021-22 business year. These rates spoke to the clear proof that fleet sustainability is not a future conversation, but one that we’re having to focus on now.

When making your CSR decisions, Emily highlighted these important factors:

  • Milestones should be on a curve, not a straight line.
  • Replacement cycling will determine emission reduction.

With these goals fresh in our mind, our next speaker, ARI’s Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics Brandy Hanifen addressed those in detail. Her most important takeaway? EVs are not the absolute choice.

Brandy pointed to important ways that you can stay on top of the changing market, namely by:

Brandy noted that strategies for the present day include using less fuel or using an alternative fuel by embracing the opportunities for rightsizing, and studying telematics to reduce emissions through excess vehicle use or idling.

Emily wrapped the formal webinar with next-steps. With such a large group in attendance, it was clear that no business is alone in these CSR conversations. And as these industries continue to change, it’s important to have the right team on your side.

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