Simplify Your De-Centralized Tools with the ARI Driver insights® Mobile App

What are your grab-and-go items that you always try to remember when walking out the door?

Phone, keys, wallet.

Throw in a mask for current safety measures and those items are the official mantra of people on their way to a job or assignment. But as a fleet specialist, you understand that the essentials don’t necessarily cover all the important elements of your driver policy: insurance information, fuel cards, and licensing requirements are all necessities that can become a real headache to manage for both the driver and fleet managers.

What if you had a resource that stored all of the information and licensing requirements needed to help your drivers stay compliant and kept your fleet from wasting time and money?

There’s an app for that.

ARI Driver insights® Mobile App is an all-in-one tool that puts your driver resources in the palm of their hands. No matter where your drivers are operating, the insights mobile app helps them remain a centralized part of the team, giving them full access to the resources they need to get the job done.

The driver app puts the focus on ease of use, making it a seamless addition to your driver’s grab-and-go items. You can work with the team at ARI to load the app with everything your team needs, including:

  • Updated insurance cards
  • Locations of fueling stations
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling notifications
  • Mileage and distance tracking
  • “Near Me” location assistance to cut down on time spent searching for fuel or maintenance spots

It all syncs directly to the ARI Driver insights platform, making communication between driver and fleet team totally seamless. The fleet team off the road can focus on how to manage driver spend and safety measures resulting in a fleet that drives ROI through:

  • The monitoring of idling, excessive braking, and speeding
  • Fuel management and fuel card overuse
  • Less time wasted on administrative work
  • Reduced downtime through the “Near Me” feature

One ARI company found recent success through the ARI Driver insights Mobile App after working to increase productivity and decrease downtime. They studied the app across 12 months and found that they were able to successfully monitor maintenance and driver behavior.

The results? An $84,000 productivity boost across the board, based on a serious decrease in administrative inquiries and unnecessary follow-up work.

ARI found that over the course of this customer’s work with the ARI Driver insights app our Call Center volume decreased by almost 40 percent, as drivers were able to reduce downtime by handling a variety of services themselves through the app.

What kind of time can you get back with the ARI Driver insights app? Contact your ARI account team to find out.