The Must-have Guide to Fleet Vehicle Hygiene

Finding yourself doing a calendar double-take lately to confirm you’re in the right month? Considering what’s happened so far in 2020, this year feels like it’s flying at the speed of light.

Maybe your pace of business didn’t change much, or perhaps you’re in the process of phasing more drivers back on the road. Either way, your to-do list is probably longer than usual these days. Let’s cross one more thing off for you – vehicle hygiene!

Health and safety should stay top of mind as we all work toward some semblance of normal, and it can be easy to forget the basics. Download and share this guide of high touch surfaces for drivers to target while disinfecting their vehicles. Add our upcoming webinar events to your calendar, and sign up for The Morning Brake, our refreshing blend of industry updates and interesting articles on fleet management and other automotive topics delivered to your inbox.