A Message from the President

After spending the last 30 years with ARI, it’s a tremendous honor to now lead this organization into the future as our President. I feel privileged to take the reins from Chris Conroy as he shifts his attention toward building synergies among our three commercial companies – ARI, Auto Truck Group, and Holman Parts Distribution – as President and CEO of Holman Business Services.

On any given day at ARI, each and every one of us wears a myriad of hats. We are problem solvers. We are consultants. We are innovators. We are confidants. We are friends. Regardless of how many roles we play, at our core we are all in the business of service excellence. Customer service comes from your heart. You can’t merely think about good customer service, you have to feel and passionately deliver it.  This drive for excellence in everything we do thrives throughout our organization, and translates to how we serve our customers.

The automotive and fleet management industries are collectively facing disruptive trends, but ARI will continue to be successful as we remain true to the core values that have guided our organization for 90-plus years. We revolve around our customers, our employees, and our communities. Our collective focus is on solving today’s challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities, and positioning ourselves to leverage transformative change.

I’m excited to take the wheel and drive ARI toward the future. While technology and markets may shift, what will never change is our 70-year commitment to simply “doing the right thing.” We’ve come a long way together since the Holman family opened our doors in 1948, and the journey continues.