Voice of the Customer

The Impact of Your Voice

We cannot underestimate the importance of strong relationships in both our personal and professional lives, and the role they play in helping us accomplish our goals and business objectives. So while we may leverage data, statistics, insights, and process flows to make informed decisions, ultimately, we rely on our emotional intelligence to help guide us. At our core, we enjoy surrounding ourselves with individuals and business partners that we like and those we trust to support the goals we’re striving to achieve.

After 70 years in the fleet business, ARI is still as passionate about being that trustworthy partner for our customers as we were in 1948. We are a customer-centric organization that isn’t satisfied with simply having happy clients; we want them to be raving fans. Our unique culture which emphasizes service excellence, empathy, collaboration, and trust continues to endure as a key differentiator in an ever-changing world. As a myriad of disruptions continue to alter the landscape of our industry, the working relationships between ARI and you – our customers – is more critical than ever.

Vital to creating raving fans is having a crystal-clear understanding of how ARI can align with and support your business priorities. This is why the voice of the customer is exceptionally impactful in all that we do and why our entire leadership team continues to welcome your candid, transparent feedback. With a precise understanding of your relationship with ARI and what you value, we can prioritize our efforts to ensure we align with what truly matters to you, our clients.

Amplifying the Voice of the Customer

ARI has made a concerted effort to amplify the voice of our customers across our entire organization through our Voice of the Customer program in an effort to keep our service-oriented culture thriving and evolving.

ARI hosts a Client Advisory Board comprised of senior decision makers representing a diverse range of industries. We also conduct an annual client satisfaction survey where we survey every North American client to collect feedback on our service levels. Through candid, unfiltered discussions with our Client Advisory Board stakeholders, and survey feedback, we gain tremendous insight about our strengths, and identify opportunities for further improvement. We don’t want to simply hear about how much you like your ARI experience – we want to have the hard conversations about where we can continue to grow. Fueled by this insight, we’re further integrating the voice of the customer into our strategic priorities, investments and business operations.

What You’re Telling Us

Through our discussions with the Client Advisory Board and some initial results from this year’s survey, we’ve identified several central themes as areas of focus for our leadership.

  • Make it easy to do business; ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly so drivers can focus on core responsibilities and not their vehicles.
  • Simply being really good at the basics isn’t enough; to be a truly successful strategic partner, invest in innovation and help us become a better business overall.
  • Reduce the noise by turning data into meaningful insight; don’t overload us with information or insignificant details.
  • Show us what “better” looks like and tell us how to get there; persistence is key; never stop showing us how we can improve.
  • Know our business, know our stakeholders; relationships matter.
  • Help us prepare for the future; know what’s next in mobility and understand what’s changing in our business; and together, help us prepare today for tomorrow’s challenges.

I’m excited about how the client advisory board and annual survey process have served as another important step towards validating what our customers value, and understanding their views on what makes a ARI strategic partner.

I cannot underscore enough just how much your voice matters. I promise you, we’re listening! Your feedback continues to fuel our drive to deliver a truly effortless experience for all clients.

The Evolution of Your Experience

This customer-first philosophy has led to one of our most significant investments to date; our Customer Experience Initiative that will leverage technology and data to make your lives easier

At the forefront of this investment is our client-facing technology. You desire a fleet experience with business transactions that mirror the increasing ease of B2C interactions in your personal life. You value our unparalleled fleet expertise, and want to access it in a way that is Google-fast and Apple-easy. Our Customer Experience Initiative will enhance the experience for all your fleet stakeholders – whether it’s a driver or an executive – with significantly more automation through a multi-channel engagement. This digital transformation focuses on streamlining non-value added transactional needs, proactively pushing information to the right people at the right time, and converting data into real action. Simply put, we’re going to better optimize your fleet operations by arming your team and our talented people with the technology and data they need to deliver on your expectations.

Another example of how the Customer Experience Initiative is fueling our evolution is the significant investment we’ve made into our Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) team. You don’t need more data, you need more insight that can help you drive meaningful business improvements. This is precisely how our BI&A team is changing the conversation. This group is dedicated to transforming data into actionable information and helping you better understand the why behind your fleet challenges, leading to more impactful solutions.

Keeping our Promises

These are just a few examples of the direct impact your voice is having on the future of our business. We remain dedicated to delivering unrivaled service excellence. We’ll never “reset” because we’ve never wavered from our seven-decade commitment to supporting you. We’ll never be satisfied with “good enough” because we’re constantly motivated to keep improving on our previous personal best.

Our goal is to combine our promise to be a trusted partner with your feedback and the latest technology. We’ll benchmark our performance against the best in customer experience, not just fleet management. We’ll keep disrupting our current model, ensuring we remain agile as we continue to push ourselves to anticipate what’s next and evolve to help you turn challenges into opportunities.

The Customer Experience Initiative is the catalyst for this disruption and will ensure we continue to deliver on our promise of being a trustworthy strategic partner that helps drive meaningful improvements to your business.