The Six Pillars of Telematics Prosperity

When considering advanced telematics tools for your fleet, the most logical question remains: Why? The benefits of the change have to outweigh the work that goes into the installation and development. Luckily, advancements in telematics hardware and software technology have evolved to new heights, making these tools some of the strongest drivers of fleet savings and fleet growth in your belt.


So what are the major perks of telematics in fleet? We’ve broken down the Six Pillars of Prosperity that are driving modern fleets and advancing management opportunities like never before.



Just because your vehicles are all over the place doesn’t mean your data has to be. A centralized telematics system is the ultimate tool to develop a fleet that works for, not against, your budget. The first step is finding the best hardware for the job-at-hand: That could include cameras, trackers, or easy-to-install hardware. Then simply synch those tools to your fleet’s software platform to create a web of constantly growing data, all in one accessible spot.



Safety is savings, there’s no way around it. Safer drivers lead to better driving habits and a happier staff, which increases vehicle health, reduces the cost around collisions, and leads to less aggressive decisions on the road. But did you know that your data can actually build a safer fleet? Telematics have the ability to identify risky driving habits, such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, seat belt usage, and speeding. With that information in-hand you’re able to develop training and driver monitoring habits that adjust and grow as your drivers learn.



Are you sure that your vehicles are doing the best job for your fleet? Just ask your telematics tools. You can use that data to track driver routes, study customer arrival and departure schedules, monitor vehicle downtime, and even study working routes for your vehicles. This gives you the power to best utilize both your drivers and your vehicles, reducing downtime and allowing you to redesign your fleet routes to improve vehicle health.



The logistics of vehicle compliance can be an absolute headache, especially when you’re working to balance large management decisions with the little details of regulatory requirements like inspections, taxes, and administrative driver tasks. Building those tasks directly into your telematics tools help you to remain compliant with little thought. You can centralize your driver logs and required vehicle inspection data all in one place, and make IFTA requirements easier than ever by pulling information like mileage directly from your own data.



The future of fleet is focused on sustainability, and it’s important to be ahead of the trend to avoid surprise costs that may come with emissions taxes or technological advancements. You can embrace a greener fleet by studying your vehicle data, keeping an eye on everything from fuel use and CO2 emissions to the health of your electric vehicles. You can even use safety features like harsh braking and speeding to further identify unsustainable driver behaviors.


Optimization is built around your individual business: How many vehicles you manage, the type of work those vehicles do, and what your business needs to succeed. Let us build a more prosperous telematics solution for your fleet. Fill out the form below to talk with one of our telematics specialists today.


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