Getting Your PM Schedule Back on Track

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, your company may have advised employees to park their company vehicles, stay safe and avoid business travel or in-person meetings. Now that safety restrictions are beginning to lift across the globe, it’s time to consider travel again and get your team operating at a new capacity.

But what does that mean for your fleet?

If your employees have significantly reduced their driving habits over the last year, you’ll want to consider what that means for your vehicles. Now is the time to refresh your preventive maintenance (PM) schedule so that your vehicles don’t hit any bumps in the road.

Take a minute to consider these PM updates so that your fleet stays happy, healthy, and moving.

Study your frequency

If you’ve reduced PM frequency over the last year, it’s time to increase PM schedules to reflect how much your vehicles are driving. Take a look at your pre- and post-pandemic data to get a clear idea of how driving habits will change in the coming months.

Your vehicle data is the best way to build a PM schedule for your fleet. The telematics tools are out there to make data capturing easier than ever. As your vehicles get back on the road, consider these installations as an easy way to evolve how you approach your fleet ROI.

Make it a habit

As your drivers increase their time on the road, it might seem like a hassle to stop this new flow to get to the shop, but having foresight makes PM just another part of the day. Build your PM schedule into your revised driver schedules, so there’s no adjusting necessary.

Consider training

While not necessarily maintenance, an updated driver training schedule has the benefit of improving driver behavior, leading to less risky behavior like harsh braking, rapid acceleration, or idling. That means less unscheduled maintenance in the long-run, and the potential for a healthier PM schedule.

Getting your fleet back on the road is a big process, we get it. Stay informed of what’s ahead with ARI’s e-newsletter, The Morning Brake, or check out our podcast, MOTIVE powered by Holman to stay informed.