Hidden Cost Drivers: Not Maximizing ROI

Build a Sound Replacement Strategy that Drives ROI

Remarketing is the third critical phase of the fleet vehicle lifecycle. Ready to be taken out of service, your retiring vehicles will produce one last payoff for the company—their resale value.

It’s best to replace vehicles before maintenance costs and downtime begin to rise. But there’s more to consider. Are you also holding onto vehicles that are not being fully utilized or sitting idle?

To build a sound replacement strategy, conduct an annual fleet analysis to ensure the existing vehicles are supporting the business requirements. Through this, you will identify units that can be replaced:

  • Look at maintenance expenses (both recent and year-over-year comparisons)
  • Evaluate fuel expenditures
  • Assess downtime across different vehicle segments.

A thorough evaluation of your fleet’s data will provide insight to make better decisions for remarketing your vehicles and maximizing ROI. Learn more about hidden cost drivers that can impact your fleet.