MOTIVE Recap: The Connected Future Pt. II

When we last listened to our new podcast, MOTIVE powered by Holman, host Peter Nogalo discussed how technology and connectivity are reshaping mobility as we know it. Specifically:

  • Advancements in tech related to 5G.
  • Connectivity in electric vehicles (EVs).
  • The future of charging and telematics for EV fleets.

This month, Peter was joined once again by global telematics company Geotab’s Colin Sutherland and ARI’s Craig Pierce to dive deeper into fleet connectivity.

Colin launched the call by looking at the future of cameras in fleet vehicles. While cameras have become the norm in driver assistance, Colin studied how cameras can also be used as:

  • Forward-facing designs for real-time accident management.
  • Internal cameras for facial recognition to be used in data and driver management.
  • In-facing video data analysis to monitor safe driving habits.

One universal similarity across camera use is its value through data. Colin stressed data as an investment, as it helps to drive results beyond fleet management for the entire business.

The C-Suite or shareholders in many businesses have the potential to use vehicle data to pursue costs and accountability. He noted ARI insights as an optimal fleet management system to make data accessible and integrated. It can connect to software across the company to build savings across the organization.

Craig echoed Colin’s sentiments, calling fleet data the “golden thread” that intertwines through the business. “[Fleet] data is strategic to the business. It touches the strategy, the operations of the business,” said Craig.

But how does telematics tie into the current pandemic?

Craig noted that transportation had evolved across the pandemic, but has bounced back quickly.

As vehicle designs are being optimized for the future, Colin said he anticipates these vehicles could influence driving habits into 2022.

Consumer demand for technology is driving investments for the fleet, forcing fleet managers to consider how data and technology will impact their business going forward. Craig noted the “Amazon” experience is making the need for more fleet resources, faster, a commodity. He says the key is to get started on vehicle ordering as early as possible… like yesterday.

“This requires planning early and putting a lot of thought into your outcomes,” said Craig.

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