MOTIVE Recap: The Connected Future

Our new podcast MOTIVE powered by Holman has already taken a look at some of the exciting innovations coming out of mobility. From refrigerated trucks delivering our nation’s vaccines, to the emerging news around vehicle supply chain, we’ve kept our eye on the news to help you stay informed.

In our newest episode, we look to the future, breaking down how technology and connectivity are reshaping mobility as we know it. You’ve heard of GPS, infotainment systems, and Bluetooth, but how have advancements in connective technology changed the modern car?

MOTIVE host Peter Nogalo talked with Geotab’s Colin Sutherland, and ARI’s Craig Pierce. Geotab is a global telematics company focused on data insights, and is also a major partner with ARI, working to drive the data revolution behind vehicles.

Colin kicked things off by discussing one of the newest advancements moving tech along at the speed of light: 5G. Colin pointed to two important updates around 5G, specifically:

  • The reflashing of engines in vehicles, which gives fleets the opportunity to update engine software remotely
  • The evolution of Smart Cities like Las Vegas. In these areas car data is bounced into the cloud, so that vehicles can leverage communication to make roads more driver friendly, whether it be with location-based light changes or accident management

The group explored connectivity in electric vehicles, to understand scale and charge communications.

“We’re looking at the consumer and fleet sides,” said Craig. “There are probably more unknowns today than knowns, but we’ve also expanded beyond connected vehicles. … There are a lot of different partnerships that we’re working with to make sure we can support our customers worldwide.”

The conversation evolved to include:

  • Charging infrastructures
  • Telematics business cases
  • Using data to plan for tomorrow

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