What is the Right EV for Your Fleet?

One of the biggest trends in fleet mobility has been around electric vehicles (EVs) and the future of EV fleets. Incentives continue to emerge, but there is still understandable hesitancy around revamping an entire fleet infrastructure without having committed to vehicle options beforehand. The biggest question has certainly been:

Automotive OEMs are preparing to answer this question in big ways. Recently, Ford underwent intense testing across its global regions, reaching into Michigan, Belgium, and the United Kingdom to better understand how EV fleets will hold up under pressure.

Ford’s E-Transit vans were tested for 12 weeks in these diverse regions to study fleet behaviors and how they impact EV batteries and vehicle performance, specifically:

  • Winter driving conditions
  • Heat and spiking temperature
  • Altitude and elevation changes
  • Road damage like potholes or severe cracks
  • Rough terrain or less-developed roads
  • Saltwater damage

Ford’s E-Transits were put out in these conditions, as well as in simulation centers in Ford’s factories, to understand how roughly 10 years of this sort of wear and tear could impact the EV fleet. Which made us wonder:

The first step is to understand some of the damage your fleet could experience. The Ford EV test is a great place to start. Depending on your business region–or regions– you need to consider:

  • Mud and sludge
  • Wind damage
  • Salt corrosion
  • Irregular temperature
  • Intense cold or heat
  • Elevated humidity
  • High altitude or rapid altitude changes
  • Slippery driving conditions
  • Unruly terrain

Once you do an elemental inventory, you can begin studying the EV options out there to best build your strategy. Start with the ARI Fuel Source Calculator, a convenient way to explore the variety of fuel alternatives that go beyond gas or EV. Depending on your driving conditions, you might want to consider hybrid options or even diesel.

Next, take a look at our comprehensive EV Repository. The ARI Fleet EV Repository features every make and model of EV on the market today, breaking them down by OEM, vehicle type, base price, range, and more. It gives you the tools to understand what your fleet future looks like when planning around EVs, and helps you lock in exactly what fits your organization.

Building an understanding around your fleet’s needs can lead to a better connection with EV options as they arise. Subscribe to the Morning Brake, our weekly newsletter, to further that understanding as news continues to evolve.