G7 Summit Recap: Tariffs, the German Auto Industry, and ARI

As another G7 Summit has wrapped in France, ARI remains focused on the discussions between leaders from across the country.

Diplomatic leaders of these countries discussed issues directly related to the fleet industry, specifically trade tariffs between the United States and China. ARI has offices in four of the seven G7 nations—the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany— and these tariffs have had a significant impact on the auto industry, as was highlighted in ARI’s Tariff Fact Sheet.

The G7 Summit raised concerns related to finances and the current state of trade in Germany. The automotive industry has seen a decrease in manufacturing and exports over the last year, and Germany’s relationship to the products hit by tariffs in the U.S. and Chinese trade dispute has led to serious discussions about the German auto industry. Vehicles have long made up the No. 1 German export, with transport equipment also topping the list, so rising costs surrounding German imports of steel, aluminum, and automobile materials from the United States and China are an important consideration in the fleet industry.


Despite news surrounding tariff disputes in the United States and China, things are still looking up. News from the annual Frankfurt Motor Show revealed a promising future for the electric vehicle industry, coinciding with Chinese company CATL’s decision to build their next battery plant in Arnstadt, a $2 billion investment into Germany’s electric opportunities.

ARI has been studying these tariffs since their inception and our leadership remains vigilant in their customer investments, giving us access to technology and professional expertise that allows us to remain diligent on revelations related to tariffs, parts and fleet vehicles. We will continue to update our special blog series on tariffs regularly, giving our customers and prospective customers an eye on how tariff news relates to our industry.

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