Are you skipping right over one of the easiest opportunities to sell your used vehicles?

Are you skipping right over one of the easiest opportunities to sell your used vehicles?

Vehicle remarketing is the last stage of your vehicle’s useful life, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value left in the vehicle for your company. When a vehicle is tagged for resale, you’re ready to move on to a new replacement vehicle. Your first thought for where to sell your used vehicle may be through a traditional resale outlet, such as an auction or a wholesaler. It’s true – those are fast, easy and competitive resources.

What if there was a faster and cheaper resale method that also brought added value to your company?

There is an entire market of motivated buyers who can increase your ROI. It’s your employees! For drivers and other employees, you’re boosting morale by allowing them to buy vehicles priced lower than retail and that they know have been well cared for. For the driver who knows they can buy their own work vehicle at the end of its in-service life, they’re already driving it and caring for it like it’s their own. They tend to drive safer, are particular about the vehicle’s appearance, and follow preventive maintenance schedules. All of this is to ensure the vehicle is still in ideal shape when the time comes that they can buy it for their own personal use.

Because the driver is caring for the vehicle this way while it’s still in service for your company, you’re being saved from higher operating and accident expenses that could be related to poor driver behavior and missed routine maintenance. This means less vehicle downtime, which equates to higher productivity. Also, the vehicle remains a strong representation of your company brand. Another upside of employee sales — typically your company will earn a better net return and in a faster timeframe.

2020 technology will improve the employee sale process

The traditional process of selling vehicles directly to employees requires paperwork to be mailed back and forth before sales can be completed. With an anticipated rollout date of January 2020, ARI’s new direct sale portal will streamline the process by collecting data right from our own fleet management system. In this new application, the buyer will provide an electronic signature, and payment will be processed electronically. After the buyer completes the sale, we’ll transfer the title to the new owner.

With this upgrade, we’ve focused on creating a better user experience for employee buyers through greater efficiency and automation. Also, buyers will be able to select additional financial and protection products, such as an extended warranty or a maintenance package (like what they experienced as a fleet driver).

To ensure the buying experience is top notch, we collaborated with our in-house product management group and worked with our colleagues at Holman Automotive to understand the technology that leading automotive groups are using.

Building better client tools

The improved direct sale portal is the last of a three-part initiative that ARI’s vehicle remarketing department has been engineering in 2019 to deliver better tools for your fleet management needs. The first two were the rollouts of ARI Equipment Direct and third-party remarketing services.

Leveraging ARI’s vehicle remarketing specialists and resources, you have more remarketing solutions to produce greater results for selling all of your used vehicles and equipment.