Pssst, you wanna buy — or sell — a used forklift?

Does your fleet include old forklifts and other commercial equipment that you want to offload fast and easy? Are you a dealer, reseller or wholesaler who is tired of paying a percentage-based commission fee for used forklifts and other commercial equipment?

Whether you’re buying or selling – what if there was a resale method for pre-owned forklifts and other commercial equipment with a flat commission fee that lets you go back to the office with more money in your pocket?

With the decades of experience the ARI team has acquired by remarketing used cars and trucks, and incorporating the best practices we’ve learned, we recently introduced the ARI Equipment Direct program.

Now buyers can connect with our network of North America fleet customers, many of which are among the largest companies in their industries, including energy and communications, transportation and logistics, infrastructure and production, and more. We know they have lots to sell, because since launching in 2018, we’ve sold more than 1,000 units online ranging from forklifts and scissor lifts to lawn mowers and trenchers, and even ground support equipment!

We run online equipment auctions every Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 4 PM Eastern, coordinated with our clients’ locations. Buyers can view and bid on pre-owned forklifts and other commercial equipment from all of our participating customers.

The ARI team simply acts as the facilitator – buyers settle the transfer of property directly with the seller. More importantly, we charge a flat commission fee. Gone are the days when the higher a buyer bids, the bigger the commission fee is paid.

If you are interested in buying or selling via an ARI Equipment Direct auction, we can demo our system for you ahead of time so that once the excitement begins, you are ready to go. To arrange a demo or ask questions, please contact Will Chetrick.