Keep Your Safety Strategy Truckin’ Along with ARI’s New HDT Modules

As a fleet or risk professional, your daily marching orders focus on the critical mission to protect your company’s drivers. Your coworkers are on the road every day and you want to prepare them for any hazards they may encounter. Are you truly leveraging every resource at your disposal to keep them out of harm’s way?

The numbers don’t lie. More than two million people are injured and 37,000 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These tragic incidents also cost U.S. companies an average of $61 billion annually. But there are actions you can take to limit the risk to your drivers and organization as a whole.

Do you have a safety policy in place? Continuously monitoring Motor Vehicle Records? Telematics devices installed in vehicles? Skill assessments, scorecards, and corresponding training? If your answer to each question was a resounding “yes” then it’s time to dig deeper into the details for additional safety strategies.

A specific area of opportunity for many fleets revolves around drivers of heavy-duty vehicles. According to Automotive Fleet’s 2018 Driver Scorecard Benchmarking Survey showed that Heavy-Duty Trucks (HDTs) were some of the first vehicles to benefit from telematics. Thanks to the early adopters who jumped on installing devices and collecting data, we have been able to study the data behind HDT driving trends and built a new series of training modules around those results.

This new series exclusively from ARI includes a Heavy-Duty Truck (HDT) Driver Skills Assessment and 11 new HDT online training modules, all designed to make operating HDTs more manageable for both the driver and the fleet manager. They are made with the vehicle operator in mind and have a focus on large motor vehicles specifically. Proactive training opportunities— customized with the hazards, risks and specifications to a variety of different vehicles on the road today— help businesses and their drivers maintain a safe working environment well beyond Day One training routines.

These new training modules are available across the United States and Canada, and cover a broad range of driver situations, including Proactive Driving, Highway Driving, Intersections and Right-of-Ways, and Vehicle Backing Safety. United States users can access all modules in both English and Spanish, while Canadian users have English and French available.

Driver training has always been a core element of our customized fleet strategy. Keeping drivers operating in a safe and efficient way will also reduce costs and lower liability exposure for your company. Tools like our Driver Scorecard, Driver Skills Assessment and Online Training program were built with your fleet at the forefront, providing a behavioral baseline as well as giving drivers easy ways to maintain their skill level throughout their entire careers. It also gives fleet managers easy ways to measure their driver successes and approach any issues before they grow into problems that cost your company money or compromise the safety of your employees.

Interested in taking a test drive of our modules? Contact your ARI sales representative to set up a demo today.