Take the bull by its horns and mitigate your commercial risks

Your business would be lost if not for the employees who are on the job each day delivering the products and satisfaction that your customers are paying for. Those employees are bringing in revenue. However, if they’re ever in a motor vehicle or slip-and-fall accident while working, or get caught up in any unfortunate circumstances at work that your company could be found liable for, they also have the power to significantly damage your bottom line.

How so? For one, the costs of medical bills are growing. Then, many more accidents are progressing to litigation, and courts are awarding grander verdicts to plaintiffs. (Also, there goes your brand reputation.) Finally, the costs to repair vehicles and property, especially those with advanced technology components, are mounting.

What if you could also stack the odds of your employees avoiding accidents in at least one of these areas – commercial auto insurance? You’d be not only helping employees avoid auto accidents and related costs, but also ensuring continuous company productivity and success.


Reducing your commercial auto risk starts with doing your homework. First, you have to qualify all candidates for any positions that requires driving on company business. Then you have to keep employee safety top of mind through ongoing communication and interaction:

  • Continuous screening of employee qualifications as drivers via Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs).
  • Real-time monitoring of employee driving behavior using telematics technology.
  • Swift follow-up with employees who violate your company driver policy.
    • Custom training relevant to the behavior/violation.
    • Discipline and/or job assessment on par with the behavior/violation.

Ongoing employee feedback on driving performance and benchmarking via a Driver Scorecard.

Holman Insurance Services can help you build a comprehensive plan that gives peace of mind to your risk management stakeholders. Contact our team to see how we can help with your insurance needs.