Tropical Storm Laura, TD 14, Progress Toward Gulf Coast

As we continue to grapple with a very active hurricane season in 2020, two tropical cyclones will potentially make landfall on the U.S. mainland early next week.

As of Friday, Aug. 21, Tropical Storm Laura is still moving through Hispaniola, including hitting Puerto Rico and Cuba this weekend, with an expected impact on Southern Florida along the Gulf Coast. Meanwhile, Tropical Depression (TD) 14 has moved out of South America, through Honduras and is expected to move toward the East coast of Mexico by Sunday. It’s expected to make its way to Texas and Louisiana by Wednesday, Aug. 26.

The strength of these storms remain unclear, as land fall and Gulf conditions will determine the severity of impact in Mexico and the United States. Regardless of the classification, your teams located in these pending paths should prepare for storm conditions, including high winds, flooding, and heavy rain.

The safety of your drivers remains our top priority, and protecting your vehicles is the best way to keep your team out of harm’s way. We urge everyone to pay close attention to local forecasts, monitoring the safety of your region and heeding evacuation instructions issued by your local ordinances.

Click here for fleet hurricane tips to help prepare for a serious storm. As always, if you require any fleet support during this time, please contact your ARI team for assistance.