Five Considerations When Transitioning to EV

In the blink of an eye, electric vehicles (EVs) have gone from a distant consideration to an immediate possibility. So how do you know if your fleet is right for EVs? Consider these five metrics when building your strategy for the future:


Manufacturers have determined that if your vehicle needs around 66 cubic feet for storage or towing, then you are within range to consider e-vans like a cargo van or sprinter. How much space do you have for your fleet? And how do alternating work shifts allow for charging at various points of the day and night? Your current data can help you map out a plan and schedule easily to determine what’s next.


How far will your drivers be from headquarters or other charging stations? If your fleet turns in at the same space after every shift, having centrally located chargers is a fantastic idea. Considerations must be made for drivers who take their vehicles home or frequently travel outside of range. Solutions can include installing charging points in driver homes or partnering with other EV companies to charge on-the-go.


Where your vehicles go when they’re off to work will determine if they can go the distance on an EV battery. Keep in mind, however, that there are charging opportunities on the road: your telematics data can map your traveled routes to find those charge points for your drivers.


Cargo and range go hand-in-hand, as they both determine how much work you’re asking your battery to put in. A heavier vehicle requires more energy to tow, using up more battery power quicker. But if your vehicles don’t have far to go, an EV could be a great way to reduce stress on a traditional, gas engine while hauling heavy tools or deliveries.


How much power can you pack into your charging systems? You want to make sure your power source is strong enough to hold up to your fleet. Consider how cargo and vehicle size might influence the wattage needed for your vehicles.

Keep in mind, EV technology advances every day. So what was wrong for you yesterday might be a fresh opportunity tomorrow. Keep up to date with changes in the industry by subscribing to the Morning Brake.

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